In the municipality of Soroe, who had the experience to have ordered Kathrine Telcs, to come and “teach” us in PTSD – symptoms, reactions and treatment / relationship with traumatized people.
The day was planned as a dialogue.
We were a mixed crowd,social workers from the professional social part and the job center, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, social workers in the Commercial, managers and others from several different departments.

It was a guidance document, which gave much knowledge for thought and erudition to several colleagues who knew nothing about PTSD or had a frontier of knowledge.
Feedback from colleagues has been very positive, and here are few quotes:

“I had a much greater understanding of PTSD than I had before. I learned, among other things, both about the consequences of the disease, but also had more insight into who may be affected ( “background” causes) ”

“There were days, many” aha “experiences for myself but also from several other”

“It was a cannon professional skilled speaker, who could spend the whole group of belonging, in his paper in a way that made it more alive and present”

“I can highly recommend Kathrine Telcs for lectures, theme days, dialogue meetings or otherwise.”

Kitna Joergensen, Socialworker
Soroe municipalityy