Kathrine Telcs – MPH

13177567_10208779374859229_1999744512840323148_n2Owner and Founder of HUMAN RECOVERY

Kathrine has many years experience of working in psychiatry and social psychiatry and in working with people PTSD and traumatized refugee adults and children

Kathrine Teaches: Cultural Dimensions of work with refugees and immigrants, Transcultural communication, the difficult conversation, to work on life history and principles of Recovery.

Kathrine also offer psychotherapeutic treatment for groups and individuals.

  • Mentalization Therapy, Diplom – CETT, Denmark 2010.
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University 2005
  • Certified Executive Coach from The Coaching Company 2004
  • Master of Public Health from Copenhagen University 2000
  • Certified Nada Ear Acupuncturist 2000
  • 3-year education as psychotherapist from The Shaalan Centre of Mental Health in Cairo 1995
  • 3-year education as family therapist from The Kempler Institute of Scandinavia 1990
  • Socionom from RUC 1977
  • Member of the Psychotherapist association, MPF


  • 2000 – Formulation mission report:
    Gender and Reproductive Health for The Dharmar Govonorate – Yemen
  • 2000 – Honey that flows:
    An analysis of illness and health behaviour of Turkish and Moroccan families with diabetic children
  • 2002 – To use your healthy eye:
    Method and everyday life at Bo-stedet (a residential home) Gl. Ringstedvej st
  • 2002 – User survey:
    Analysis of the residents’ needs and wishes regarding cooperation with the personnel

Dr Ali M Shushan – Consultant


Dr. Ali is a consultant at Human Recovery

  • Graduated doctor from the medical faculty under Cairo University 1987
  • Shaalan Centre for Mental Health 1992-2002
  • Ministry of Health 1988-1999
  • Private practitioner, psychotherapy since 1993

Pia Fjelksted – Certified Bodynamic Analyst


Pia has assisted at the degree program; Somatic Experiencing since 1999 in Israel and Palestine.

Pia have been working with street children in DK.
Pia has worked with trauma care since 1989, partly as a teacher, trauma therapist and supervisor in Denmark and abroad, including the Middle East, and Sri Lanka after the tsunami.

Pia has developed and contributed to the development of various projects: sexual abuse, premature babies, stress reduction, body and diet, traumatized refugees and trauma machining with dolphins among Bedouins.

Pia is teaching in topics such as: stress, cultural, PTSD, early damage, sexual abuse / incest.


  • 1999 – 2005 Foundation of Human Enrichment, Colorado USA as Somatic Experiencing 1991 – 1992 Upgrading Courses for Team 1 and 2, Bodynamic Institute, Copenhagen.
  • 1989 One – year course in gestalt therapy at Helen Bundgaard
  • 1986 – 1990 4 years of training in Bodynamic analysis, Bodynamic Institute, Copenhagen.
  • 1979 – 1982 Educated social worker, Copenhagen Social Pedagogical College


  • 1990 Consultant and co-author of educational material for school children and teacher’s guide at ‘My body is mine’ – project for prevention of sexual abuse at Rene Bo Hansen, Danish Teachers and the National Film Board.